O1 - Competency framework and skill card for mentors

Cross-cutting comparative study presenting the state of art of mentoring SMEs in the participating countries with special interest in the role of VET (Vocational Educaiton and Training) institutions in it.

Drawing upon this analysis the conceptualisation of a model will be carried out. This model will include the necessary competences and skills of an SME mentor enabling him/her to help SMEs’ CEOs improve the performance of his/her enterprise.
The outcomes of this research will be a preliminary competency framework and skill card of SME mentors.

Simultaneously performance measurement models will be identified, studied and merged into a commonly adopted model.

On that basis the preliminary competency framework and skill card will be further developed through discussions in digital sub-groups. The final version is expected to input into the development of the four module training solution and gives the concrete basis for the continuing assessment of the training module 4.

The key activities contributing to this deliverable:

  • O1/A1: Comparative study on mentoring in the countries and design of a preliminary competency framework and skill card design
  • O1/A2: Desktop analysis of European best practices and models of SME performance measurement models, adopting one for the project
  • O1/A3: Development of the final competency framework and skill card in English
  • O1/A4: Translation into French, Hungarian, Romanian and Finnish and local adaptation to France, Finland, Hungary and Romania
Download this file (TRUST ME_IO1_Competency Framework and Skill Card.pdf)IO1 Competency Framework and Skill Card[IO1 Competency Framework and Skill Card]323 kB